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Bambi Compressors Information Page.

The market is swamped with compressors specifically aimed at the hobbyist and airbrush user which in my experience are far from adequate. I appreciate the difficulties when trying to select a compressor that will fulfil all of your airbrushing needs, and in Bambi's range of UK-built, super-silent and compact compressors, I'm certain that I have found the perfect solution to all your existing and future needs.


These compressors are offered here at unbeatable discounted prices. 

Budget Range - Silent Air Compressors

The Budget Range of compressors has been developed for those users with limited space and where ultra-low noise is required. With sound levels from just 40 dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi Budget Compressors can be conveniently located within the working area with no noise intrusion. Designed to require minimal maintenance and to ensure many years of trouble-free use, these compact and ergonomically designed compressors are ideal for single or multiple-user airbrushing, as well as many other applications.

But, Budget Range doesn’t mean budget specification.. Each model in the range has the following features as standard:


Internally Coated Air Receiver

Clearview Oil Level Check

Easy to use Oil Filler Plug

10 Micron Outlet Filter & Adjustable Pressure Regulator

And because they’re built by Bambi, quality, ease of use and reliability come as standard on every model. A comprehensive warranty extending to 3 years on the air receiver ensures peace of mind which combined with our worldwide after sales care package guarantees you have made the right choice by choosing Bambi.


List Price £508 

Our Price £430 (inc VAT) 

Bambi 35.20.jpg

List Price £966
Our Price £466 (inc VAT)

Model: BB8 


Oil filled, ultra low noise and fully automatic; perfect for the studio modeller running more than one airbrush or touch-up guns and especially useful for those building larger projects. This is my compressor of choice and comes highly recommended.




Output = 50lpm at free air

Max Duty Cycle = 50% (output figures must be halved to attain actual output.)

Max Pressure = 8bar/120psi

Air Receiver Tank = 9 litre

Volts/Hz = 220-240/50

dB(A) = 40

Weight = 21kg

Dimensions (hxwxd)CM = 47x34x34

Model: 35/20

Oil filled, ultra low noise, fully automatic and compact. Perfect for any hobbyist and busy modeller who requires long running times and constant and consistent air pressure. This compressor should give you a lifetime of service. Highly recommended.

Output = (I/min) = 50 at free air

Air Receiver Tank = 4 litre

Volts/Hz 220-240 V/50

dB(A) = 40

Weight = 18kg

Dimensions (hxwxd) CM = 28 x 33 x 32

Free 2-3 working days shipping to UK customers. International customers please contact us for details

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