I doubt that I could continue to do what I do at JMA, without the support, by way of sponsorship, of some amazingly generous companies. Companies such as Alclad II, Bambi, Everything Airbrush, Gaspatch Models, Harder & Steenbeck and Humbrol to name but a few, provide me  with samples of their products, some of which I rely on for my day to day work such as paints, and other items sent to me to review in the various publications that I contribute to. Most if not all of those products also feature in my build articles, which appear each month in international publications to attract sales from around the world. Some of those products are featured here.

If you would like your modelling products, tools and kits to feature in my magazine articles, or if you have a
 new item that you wish me to review on your behalf, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

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Henschel Hs123 B1. By GasPatch Models

It was at the Telford show in 2016 where I first met and chatted with the guys from GasPatch Models concerning their up-coming, 48th scale, release of one of my favourite aircraft:

the Henschel Hs123. Which is now available in two versions: the A1 and B1.

                            Contained within a colourful and sturdy, top-opening box, the Hs123 B1 is an impressive package.                      The crisply defined and flash-free parts exude exquisite detail. Featuring sharply engraved panel lines      and subtly raised rivets and hatches, the approximately 187 parts are moulded in a light grey plastic featuring a subtle matt finish. The instructions are illustrated in colour throughout the A5 booklet and appear concise and easy 

to follow. The gloriously printed decal sheet is by Cartograph, and features five colour scheme options. There is an etched fret featuring levers, harness and activator arms for the separately moulded elevators and rudder, amongst other small items. There is a paint-mask for the wind-screen, and even a cardboard jig for setting the undercarriage at the correct angle. In short, the box contains everything you could possibly need to construct a fabulous reproduction of this often overlooked and important Luftwaffe dive bomber. 

Also available from GasPatch Models is this handy masking sheet. Featuring pre-cut masks for the complex, splinter camouflage patterns applied to both the B1 and B2 versions of the Hs123. This sheet will be an invaluable and time-saving product when painting your Henschel.

Available from : www.gaspatchmodels.com


Aviattic Decals.

For Luftstreitkräfte subjects bedecked in  lozenge pattern camouflage, you need look no further than Aviatic's website for the perfect solution to recreating those complex patterns. Overflowing with beautifully printed decal sheets featuring meticulously researched lozenge patterns in every incarnation you could possibly imagine, as well as a new range of wood grain decals and much, much more, it is your one-stop shop for everything WWI.These decals are unusual in that they are transparent, and require the modeller to pre-shade the surface upon which the decals are to be applied. The base colours, therefore, have a profound effect on the final appearance of the decals. The

process takes a little imagination and planning initially, but the results speak for themselves and appear very effective. Look out for a future JMA build featuring these incredible decals. Highly recommended.

Available from: www.aviattic.co.uk

Dog's Life by Castle Miniatures


It's a dog's life - or so people sometimes say, and it certainly does seem to be where Castle Miniature is concerned. The Canadian-based company have produced a wonderful series of 75mm figurines under the title 'Dogs Life' , and each one features a British officer and his favourite pooch.  

Despite there being one or two mongrels in the collection, the figurines are anything but, being masterfully sculpted by Vladimir Danilov in amazing detail.

Featured here is a Major of the 36th Reg't of Foot with his not so adorable Bulldog.  Each kit comes contained in a sturdy box for safe postage, and mine arrived intact all the way from Canada. Contact Alex at Castle Miniatures  for further details or visit their shop on Facebook.


My thanks to Alex for supplying the preview kit.


For all those with an interest in WW1 aircraft...


Greece-based model and accessory company Gaspatch Models, have provided me with some of their wonderful resin machine guns and white-metal turnbuckles.

Available in several scales, the resin items feature stunning levels of minute detail, most also featuring etched-metal parts. While their incredibly useful turn buckle packs are available for a wide array of WW1 German and Allied machines.

I look forward to many hours of rigging in the future.

Aims Bf109 sheet 3_0003.jpg
Aims Bf109 sheet 4_0003_0001.jpg
Aims Bf109 sheet 2_0002.jpg

New decal sets from Aims Decals.

Late War Bf109's (48D024)

Featuring nine late-war schemes including: G-6/AS white 7 in overall RLM76. Red 2, G-6 A/S of 1./NJGr.10 with black undersides. Four G-10's in grey and grey/green camouflage schemes featuring variously coloured RDV bands. Yellow 9, a G-10 finished in RLM 81 overall, and two K's featuring variations on later-war grey/green schemes. Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales.

Aims Bf109 sheet 4_0003_0004.jpg

Set 48D025: Features six attractive (and one not so attractive) Bf109 colour schemes, all but one of which wear variations of Hartman's and Graf's tulip designs on their cowls. The set includes all of the unique markings illustrated and individual aircraft numbers, plus national insignia for one aircraft. Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales.

Aims Models latest upgrade set is designed for the recently released 48th scale Ju88 C-3 from Russian manufacturer ICM. Despite the growing number of variants released by ICM, the basic kit contains many errors that require modification or replacement. 

Update for flawed ICM Ju88 C-3

Update set 48P009 contains a complete resin cockpit featuring far more detail than the styrene original, as well as a busy nose-mounted gun bay with ammunition drums, compressed air bottles and feed trays.  A replacement forward canopy made from clear resin replaces the incorrectly proportioned original, and not pictured, is an etched fret with many internal and external components. This and many other upgrades are available from: www.aimsmodel.co.uk (Press on link above).

Humbrol Logo.jpg

Jay uses Humbrol enamels