Ed Jones. Milton Keynes.

I am a complete novice when it comes to using an airbrush. So it was with some trepidation that I approached my first lesson with Jay. I need not have worried. He was very clear, made everything very simple and demystified the whole process. Most important lesson....get a compressor with a tank! First couple of hours was theory and talking through the equipment. But by the end of my first 4 hour lesson I was able to spray lines and circles and really felt I had a good grasp on the basics of how to operate the equipment. Practice makes perfect and I will be back for more lessons as soon as time and funds allow. His collection of models serve as a great inspiration to learn more and the biscuits were good too! Thanks Jay.


Michael Gidlow. Coventry

I have done the starter airbrush lesson which I found very useful. Jay split the lesson into 2 halves for me as I am getting older and holding concentration for 4 hours is a little difficult. The course was excellent, covering all the basics including the important clean up. For the 2nd session I had bought a new airbrush with the discount he arranged. This was better than the Aztec I started with. The course covered basic spray techniques and we got good results on the rail wagon I brought as a test piece. I will return for a further lesson to cover weathering and final finish when I have practised what he taught. If you want more individual weathering on rail rolling stock have a word with Jay after looking at his work.

Toby Roff. Dunaline. Scotland.

Hi Jay! the model arrived safely today, thank you! It looks fantastic and I can't take my eyes off my "miniature masterpiece". My efforts are paltry in comparison!

Martin Turner. Derbyshire.

wanted to drop you an email with my appreciation for your recent airbrush tutorials in Scale Aviation Modeller International, which I found very interesting and informative.  Having made the decision to take up the hobby again I was searching for an airbrushing course when I came across your article. It was the last magazine in the shop, and I immediately purchased it and all the back issues. 

Jim Mills. Liecestershire.

I would just like to say what an enjoyable morning I had learning how to use an airbrush for the first time. I learnt a lot and went away feeling that it had been well worth doing. I'm looking forward to my second lesson.

Paul Wheelerist. Oxfordshire.

Great lesson, thanks. I now have a much clearer idea of what I should be doing with the airbrush. Subtle layers, careful finger control & compressor control.

Tony Little. Swindon.

I have some basic airbrush skills but wanted to 'up my game' on the appearance of my finished models. Jay led me by the hand through techniques that produced the results I hope to achieve and showed how, relatively, simple they are. Thank you Jay and I hope my future models will reflect your techniques and instruction to both of our satisfaction. A half day well worth spending and a thorough recommendation for any one either starting out with an airbrush, or seeking to develop their skills.

Steve Wall. Shropshire

I just want to say your method of teaching is perfect (for me anyway). I came away happy, confident, and very much inspired and that doesn’t happen very often believe me. I felt very relaxed and those four hours flew by. Most importantly I learnt an awful lot from just a basic first lesson. I will be back for further tutorials in the new year. 

Tim Day. Worcestershire.

I had an advanced airbrush lesson and was very impressed. I was in contact with Jay for some weeks before the lesson to discuss with him what I wanted out of it. The lesson was well structured and progressed at my pace. Jay discussed, demonstrated and taught some very useful skills, some of which I had not come across before in the modelling publications I have read. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learnt and can highly recommend Jay's airbrush lessons.

Keith Allinson. Herefordshire

Thank you for what was a highly informative four hour workshop. I especially enjoyed the two hours spent on figure painting. You've really helped fill some gaps in my knowledge and given me the the tools and confidence to broaden my modelling to include aircraft as well as the AFV's I have been making for the last few years. I plan to practice the airbrush techniques and to return to you in early December if I may to review and hopefully progress into more advanced techniques.

Christian. Manchester.

Wow and double wow! I'm over the moon with this commission, the model looks wonderful. Without a doubt the best Tornado model I've seen anywhere. (Commission: 1/48 Revell Tornado. Photographs of finished model unavailable).

Danny Herbert. Leicestershire. 

My partner bought me an airbrush lesson token from Jay's website as I have had little success using my quite expensive Harder & Steinbeck airbrush, which I have had for about 10 years. Jay and I agreed to treat my lesson as a novice session, and I could not be more pleased with the results. Jay skipped over some of the mechanical basics which I already knew, though equally there were things I was getting wrong having taken bad advice from online groups which he was able to correct. By the end of our time together I was trying a technique for pre-shading on models which I am ready to start using on my D&D miniatures. Ultimately, the time I spent in his studio left me feeling that I now know what to look for when I next pick up my airbrush. So I look forward to a repeat session at some point when I’ve made some progress.

Malcolm. Northampton.

Wow! Absolutely amazing! I love the detail in the finish, so impressive. Thank you so much.

(Commission: 1/32nd Fly Model's Hawker Hurricane MK.1).