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If you require a unique collectors piece - a scale model of your favourite military aircraft or vehicle - then you've come the right place. Please read the terms and conditions below before contacting me so we can begin our working relationship on the same page. I look forward to discussing the project with you. 

Pricing Guide

This table should allow you to estimate the costs of commissioning a straight-from-the-box build when cross referenced with the price band box below. This is intended as a guide only, as jobs will be quoted individually based on the complexity of the build and including any extra detailing and scratch-building, small diorama bases and figures required. Costs will be agreed before a commission is accepted.

          (N/A indicates kit sizes that are unavailable or those scales I do not build due to space limitations and other factors. Vehicle prices do not include figures. I no longer build tanks).  


       A                          £200

       B                          £300         

       C                          £350

       D                          £400

       E                          £450

       F                          £500

       G                          £600

       H                          £675   

       J                          £700

       K                          £800

       L                          £1200 

Getting the project underway

For each prospective job I will provide an itemised quote, and on agreement of the costs as laid down in that document I will require a deposit to cover all costs incurred for the purchase of kits and accessories. On payment of that deposit - by bank transfer or Paypal payment, I will undertake to begin the project. Other than adding postage costs (see below), I will not deviate from the agreed costings unless build-changes or alterations are requested by the customer once the job is underway.  


How long will the build take?

This is not yet my full-time occupation, and because of other work commitments I don't generally provide an estimated completion date. But I do have a fairly speedy turn around, and models usually take me between two and four months to complete - depending on the complexity of the build. I also tend to have one or two 'slow builds' underway whilst working on a main project. This allows me to make a quick start on a new job which simmers along on a low gas, while another build is boiling away. If your job falls into the slow-build category it will only be temporary and will soon speed up, becoming my main focus. During the build I will send you regular progress reports (see below).  

My promise to you

I will complete each and every model to the best of my abilities, using all of the innovative techniques that I have acquired over the fifty years I have been modelling. Many of those techniques I have pioneered and many remain unique to my modelling style, making my models stand out from those by other modellers. Although I will endeavour to build you an accurate scale representation of your favourite subject, it will be within the limitations of the base kits utilised. Despite researching every build prior to starting the project, absolute historic and technical accuracy can not be guaranteed. I am an artist,  and by necessity I will take creative decisions that ensure the finished model will appear aesthetically pleasing.   As the build progresses I will e-mail you updates, though I won't necessarily furnish you with in-progress images unless requested as part of the initial job description.

Project completion

Upon completion of the project I will furnish you with high resolution images of the model for your approval and an invoice will be forwarded. This will include the addition of postage costs, which can only be calculated once the weight of the completed package is known. Alternatively and preferably, the customer can collect their finished model. A personal delivery may also be arranged by prior agreement if the destination isn't too great ( I am based in the Midlands. UK). Fuel expenses will be added to the calculation if such is arranged. 


Payment default

If payment in full is not received within 3 calendar months of the invoice being forwarded - unless otherwise agreed - then Jay's Model Art reserves the right to sell the completed model to a third party with no refund of the deposit or any monies paid. 

Additional costs & postage costs

Postage costs to UK destinations are included in the price.

International postal charges will be calculated when the completed model is packed and weighed. These will be in addition to the quoted costings and will appear on the invoice I provide. A tracking number will be forwarded. (This process is under review and I am in talks with a courier company to standardise costs and procedures). 

Import / export charges

Any unexpected import duties incurred on my part when ordering items from outside the UK, will be passed on to the customer and itemised in the invoice. 

The customer is responsible for any and all import duties or charges incurred when the parcel is shipped outside the UK. These are sometimes added by the courier company upon delivery. Disputes which may arise concerning loss or damage incurred during transit must be resolved by the customer. (This sounds ominous but it hasn't happened yet, and it would be impossible for me to dispute on your behalf in a language I don't speak). 


Jay Blakemore reserves the right to publish or otherwise use, in the publications to which he contributes, any or all of the images taken of the commissioned models he builds. Jay Blakemore retains the copyright of all images.




1/48 scale, AMK F14 Tomcat. Completed in 2020 for a very satisfied customer 

1/48 Zoukei Mura F4-E Phantom II. Completed in 2021 for a private collector.
The final build of 2021 was another F14 Tomcat for a private collector
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